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Hamilton Police 560A female became the victim of extortion and criminal harassment after meeting a Port Elgin man from an online dating website.

In a Hamilton Police media release, between March 2015 and February 2018 a man sent thousands of text messages and emails to the female victim. The male, who had originally met the victim on an on-line dating site, was using an alias and hiding behind a computer, continually harassing the female and threatening to ruin the victim’s life.

He further extorted the victim multiple times by threatening to send personal information about the victim to her family, friends and employer if she did not speak with him.

Hamilton Police Central Detectives with the assistance of the Hamilton Police Tech Crime Unit and the Saugeen Shores Police executed a search warrant in Port Elgin on February 20, 2018. This resulted in the arrest of a 41 year old George Condy of Port Elgin, and the seizure of cell phones and computers. Condy is charged with one count of Criminal Harassment and four counts of Extortion.


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