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groupsThe culmination of a semester of hard work was put on display when students enrolled in the Construction Specialist High Skills Major showed off the Southampton Cemetery workshop to parents and community partners January 25.

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The last day of Saugeen District Secondary School’s (SDSS) first semester was cause for celebration for the 18 students enrolled in the Construction Specialist High Skills Major taught by construction teacher Bud Halpin, as their semester project, a workshop at the Southampton Cemetery, was open and completed for parents and community partners to view. Town of Saugeen Shores staff, many of whom donned custom workshop sweaters promoting the partnership between the Town and SDSS, joined together for barbecue.

The semester project for the students gave them onsite construction experience while gaining school credits, site certifications, first aid training and apprenticeship hours through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).

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thank youGrade 11 student Selena Fletcher (left) and Grade 12 student Amber Rowley nailed in the finishing touches, a poster thanking their teacher Bud Halpin.

town staffTown staffers Kevin Lorentz (right) and Steve Squeak McLean kept warm with their new sweaters promoting the project between Saugeen District Secondary School and the Town of Saugeen Shores.

parentsParents, teachers, and town staff came to view the work the students had completed.

community partnersStudents made sure to thank all those who took the time to help them with the project.


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