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BrazilBrazillian exchange students Netilin Melo, Keni Nutels, Helton Alves, Reynaldo Ferreira, and Ciciene Da Silva posing in front of their projects at the Saugeen District Secondary School Diversity Fair December 7.

Raina Watson
Co-op Student

We live in one the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with people from all over immigrating here each year to join in on what it’s like to be Canadian. We celebrate our diversity in a lot of different ways, such as hosting multicultural events, and here at Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) our Leadership Class and ESL (English as a Second Language) class hosted a Diversity Fair on December 7 to showcase how many different cultures are incorporated into our school.

Students from Mme. Dunlop’s French Immersion Leadership class worked on planning the event for a couple of months leading up to it, working along with the ESL class creating boards highlighting traditions, currencies, folklore, and more from all over the world. Leadership students also helped our 12 exchange students develop their boards as a class project.

At the Diversity Fair all classes were invited down in groups to the cafetorium where there were beautiful decorations put up by the Leadership Class, accenting all of the amazing projects being presented. Students visiting the fair were given a 'passport' which they were to fill out with information from each country and hand it in with cupcake prizes being awarded to accompany the many delightful delicacies made to share a samping of cultural cuisine.

It was a great opportunity for the classes taking part with a chance to see the full scope of diversity that is under the SDSS roof as well as enjoying some treats and time together.

Everyone put their very best effort in and it would be an amazing event to have in our school again. Thank you to Mme. Dunlop and her French Immersion Leadership Class as well as all the students in the ESL class who put so much effort into this so we could all enjoy it.

AhmedESL student Ahmed Alibrahim in front of his project on Syria. Ahmad also provided some homemade Baklava December 7.

EestiLeadership class student Tommy Tiisler sharing the story of Kalevipoeg, a hero giant in Estonian folklore to teacher Shannon Ferguson.

JamaicaStudent Cydney Morris and her mother Nadine Morris who prepared traditional salt fish paired with Jamaican pastry and cheese December 7.

AlexStudent Alex George at the Diversity Fair sharing what types of Traditional Medicines can be used.

HaitiStudent Elishama Pierre and his mother Evena Vitamarsharing share some Haitian style cuisine as well as some interesting information about the country December 7.

ZiibiStudent Ziibi Cameron showcasing his amazing creative talents with his own Indigenous style art December 7.

JapanJapan exchange students Tomoham Tanaka, Reika Aiba, Anri Kawai, and Miyu Yoneyama who also shared some sweet Japanese treats December 7.


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