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kittie cutenessKittens from Adopt-a-Pet Pet Rescue attended Pumpkinfest September 30 and October 1.

Hub Staff

Money from an Adopt-a-Pet Pet Rescue donation tub was stolen during the final hours of Pumpkinfest October 1.

Kathi Newell-Nicholson of Adopt-a-Pet said money raised at the event goes towards medical bills for homeless animals in their care. “There are an average of 100 incoming dogs and countless cats and kittens each year with very few opportunities to have the animals seen by the public. This theft was extremely unfortunate as it does take money away from buying supplies and vetting for homeless pets, but it will not deter us from coming back [to Pumpkinfest].”

Newell-Nicholson said that it has been a busy year for the pets in their care. “We have had many dogs with skin issues, one needing an eye removed, one needing an emergency spay due to an infection, many needing dental extractions; in addition to the majority needing fixed, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped, as well as three cats needing amputations.”

The Adopt-a-Pet booth always draws a crowd of onlookers at Pumpkinfest, and this year was no different with their three kittens and four dogs on display Sunday. There were a number of people looking at the kittens from the minute Adopt-a-Pet set up and it wasn't easy to get near the table to check on the donated money, said Newell-Nicholson.

“When the congestion finally cleared as the crowd thinned out I noticed that every single bill was gone from that donation jar.” However, she was thankful that the change had not been stolen as the jar would need to be turned over to extract it.

Newell-Nicholson added that there were no eyewitnesses and there was no way of knowing how much money was stolen. “Without any eyewitnesses coming forward about the theft, or an idea of the amount stolen, there was no point in wasting the police or Pumpkinfest officials time.” There were however speculated accounts from other vendors who saw male youth brag about stealing money that was later put to use in the carnival area.

The pet lover and caretaker does admit to being shorthanded at Pumpkinfest due to a health issue with a foster dog that required volunteer attention. “It was very hard to watch all angles of the booth, and answer queries from interested parties at the same time,” said Newell-Nicholson.

“We had been concentrating on keeping a close eye on the kitten condos, especially for the tiny kitten that had come to our care on Sunday morning – as he had been surrendered to us en route after being found tangled in a hockey net the night before and cut free by the finder.” Adopt-a-Pet also had issues with attendees opening the “cat condo” doors, which was not permitted for the safety of the kittens.

The booth sold pet bowties and paw print keychains, with Newell-Nicholson admitting that she was thankful that money from those sales was untouched.

Adopt-a-Pet will be returning to Saugeen Shores mid month where they will be present at Pet Valu in Port Elgin October 14 from 12 to 4 p.m. For more information about pets, contact Adopt-a-Pet accepts donations by way of e-transfer to as well as through PayPal at

Currently Adopt-a-Pet has 83 kittens and cats and 25 dogs in their care. For more information visit or their Facebook page at

kittiesAdopt-a-Pet Pet Rescue will be at Pet Valu October 14 from 2 to 4 p.m.