vaccine 2

In recent vaccine information updates, the Grey Bruce Health Unit assured those 80 years of age and older who do not have a family physician or whose physician is outside Grey Bruce, they will be able to book an appointment at a local clinic as soon as the provincial booking website and booking phone line become available. In a March 9 media release, both the phone line and the booking website are being piloted by the GBHU and are expected to be operational March 15.

For the week of March 8 the vaccine rollout in Grey Bruce will focus on community health care workers in the "Highest" and "Very High" categories including Clients over 80; Clinics within First Nation Communities; SOAHAC clinics for First Nation Clients not living in First Nation Communities.

Anyone over 80 and eligible to receive the vaccine can expect a call from their healthcare provider. "You cannot book an appointment by calling your healthcare provider," read the release. "They will call you."

GBHU said they are working with the organizations providing home care to obtain their client lists. "You cannot book an appointment by calling these agencies," the release said. "Public Health will call you."

For anyone 80 years or older without a family physician and those with a physician outside Grey Bruce, a 1-800 number for booking and a provincial online booking system will be made available on March 15, 2021

Anyone not in this age group, including those with health conditions, are directed to use the provincial booking system following March 15, 2021, based on their order in the provincial framework.

Clinics and other venues where the vaccine will be administered are being developed in venues across the two counties. No appointments are currently available.

"You will be contacted directly to book your appointment in the coming days/week," read the release, adding that appointments are not available by calling or contacting the Health Unit at this time. Clinic will be available to residents in Grey Bruce as close to their communities as possible.

Ontario’s Phase 2 vaccination rollout is expected to begin in April 2021, depending on vaccine availability. The target populations in Phase 2 are based on age and risk. Vaccines will be offered to the following groups:

• Adults aged 60 to 79, beginning with those 75 years of age and older, and decreasing in five-year increments over the course of the vaccine rollout

• People who live and/or work in high-risk congregate settings such as shelters, community living, as well as some primary caregivers

• Individuals with high-risk chronic health conditions and some primary caregivers of those with highest risk health conditions

• People who live in hot spots with high rates of death, hospitalizations and transmission of infection

• Certain workers who cannot work from home, including, but not limited to, first responders, education workers and those in the food processing industry

The Grey Bruce Health Unit staff will provide the clinics with the supply of vaccine, the registration of all patients and receipts for proof of vaccine.

Be reassured that all eligible persons will be reached through mainstream media, social media, media releases, and various partnering communication networks. Continue to watch local media for updates as the vaccine rolls out to different priority populations.