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catch the ace

Game on. A new charitable lottery initiative has no limit to how large the progressive jackpot prize can be.

The five Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) catchment hospital foundations are joining forces to host the popular Catch the Ace lottery in support of a new MRI for the Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Tickets are $5 each and went on sale Thursday, July 26 with the first draw taking place Thursday, August 2 at 10 a.m. at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation. The progressive jackpot will grow with respect to how many tickets are sold and how long the lottery lasts.

Catch the Ace GBHS will jumpstart the five foundations’ initiative to raise $4.7 million for a new MRI machine.

Here’s how it works. In the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation office there are 52 playing cards individually sealed in manila envelopes. The envelopes are numbered from 1 through 52 and will be on display in the Foundation office at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital. Nobody knows which envelope contains the Ace of Spades until the lucky winner catches it.

Ticket purchasers are asked to pre-select an envelope number. If a purchaser is the lucky weekly winner they win 20 percent of that week’s ticket revenues and the numbered envelope they selected will be opened to reveal a card. If the card is not the Ace of Spades, the card will be destroyed and the lottery continues for another week. If the card is the Ace of Spades, the purchaser with the winning number will win the progressive jackpot too. The progressive jackpot grows each week with 30 percent of weekly ticket sales revenue being added in.

“The whole community can follow along to see if and when the Ace of Spades is caught. As the lottery progresses the jackpot will grow and things may get very exciting,” said Brian Shannon, Chair of the Five Foundations Committee. “This lottery is a great way to have some fun, and raise money for the new MRI,” he said.

The MRI in the Owen Sound Regional Hospital is used over 10,000 times per year on patients from across Grey and Bruce to diagnose a range of medical conditions. Tests done with the next generation of MRI technology will be faster, quieter and more comfortable for patients; and will provide physicians with high quality images to aid in an accurate diagnosis.

“The MRI is a critical piece of diagnostic equipment and for many patients, test results from an MRI help save lives,” said Dr Colin McIver, Chief of Radiology. “Whether it’s a broken bone or a severe brain injury, we want to provide patients with the best technology available and we are very pleased that the Foundations are helping make this possible.”

Beginning July 26, Catch the Ace tickets can be purchased at the following hospital foundation offices:

Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation, 1800 8th St. E., Owen Sound
Meaford Hospital Foundation, 229 Nelson St. W., Meaford
Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation at the Wiarton Hospital (representing Wiarton and Lion’s Head), 369 Mary St., Wiarton
Centre Grey Hospital Foundation at the Markdale Hospital, 55 Isla St, Markdale
Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation at the Southampton Hospital, 340 High St., Southampton

Follow on Facebook and Twitter @CatchTheAceGBHS. Ticket purchasers must be 18 years or older.