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Jacalene Krall proudly holds her first book 'Serina B Brave: How We Survived the Teenage Years'.

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Local author Jacalene Krall used her therapeutic journal writing in her first novel ‘Serina B Brave: How We Survived the Teenage Years’, to mark the true emotions she faced as a mother coping with her then teenager daughter “Serina” before and after her daughter’s attachment disorder diagnoses.

Although the names in the book have been changed, the circumstances are very real in this true narrative story, and Saugeen Shores is an authentic backdrop to the turbulent times enclosed inside the book.

Krall said she first wanted to write a book because during the years when she struggled with “Serina” there wasn’t much out there, especially in rural Southern Ontario, that offered help. “I was looking for anything and everything to read... I was looking for something that said, ‘Okay, somebody went through this and then they got through it, and how the hell did they do it because I don't feel like I'm being very successful,’” said Krall.

Serina B Brave spans seven to eight years, the author journalling her feelings through much of it. Krall admitted to writing 167 entries over the years that outlined the very real experiences she and her daughter faced. “It seemed like we had everything that could happen,” said Krall. from online bullying to pictures being edited to issues both in school and out of school where the police were involved, and a very real suicide attempt.

A main focus of the novel that Krall wants to outline is change, and a need for change for the lack of youth mental health assistance in Grey Bruce. “Part of the problem is that everything works in silos, we need to make connections. If a form of help doesn't work, people may give up and they are not put in touch with other forms of help out there,” she said.

“If we could connect all those things together, because not everything works for everybody, hopefully someone would find some solace and some help somewhere,” Krall added.

Serina B Brave allows readers to see the steps and missteps that “Serina” took in Bruce and Grey counties to find help, which was for naught as an attempt to take her life caused “Serina” to seek treatment in London, Ontario. Krall calls Serina B Brave the silver lining to all her experiences with her daughter, and that part of the proceeds from book sales will be donated towards Youth Mental Health initiatives. Krall is already working on her second book under the same pen name Aneita B. Brave, which she said helps allow the truth of her story to flow freely, liking it to putting on a super hero cape.

Krall said that if there are parents or guardians currently struggling with their adolescent to “never give up...I know it’s hard” and to “keep perspective and emotions at bay.”

Serina B Brave can found online, on Amazon or through Krall’s website Krall noted that purchasing directly from her website allows for more money to be donated towards youth mental health.


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