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The PLAY Fun Run saw record numbers for its sixth year. The PLAY Fun Run happens in conjunction with the Rotary Huron Shore Run which celebrated 30 years this year.

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Heaps of energy was released on High Street in Southampton when approximately 100 youngsters and their doting chaperons raced down and around Southampton’s big flag as part of the 800 metre PLAY Fun Run held during the 30th annual Rotary Huron Shore Run, June 2.

Before the run took place the little movers were treated to a warm up from Jodi Tomori and Stefanie Carr of Saugeen Shores’ Kamp for Kids.

Once the race finished, special medals awaited the participants at the sixth annual Health and Wellness Fair located at the Southampton Coliseum and Curling Club. Inside the Curling Club, the Kamp for Kids team had created an activity haven for the young and young at heart.


Anderson Barfoot put a lot of effort into his warm-up and subsequent run during the PLAY Fun Run, part of the 30th annual Rotary Huron Shore Run, June 2.


Stefanie Carr and Jodi Tomori of Kamp For Kids got some little feet moving during a warm-up before the PLAY Fun Run, June 2.


At approximately 100, the PLAY Fun Run saw the highest number of participants in its six year history, June 2.


Bre, Ruby, and Emmett Moss of Port Elgin showed off their creative ability at the Health and Wellness Fair which followed the Rotary Huron Shore Run, June 2.

activity centre

Plenty of kids took part in the activity centre created by Kamp for Kids, June 2, part of the 6th annual Health and Wellness Fair at the Southampton Coliseum, June 2.

Below, the PLAY Fun Run was 800 metres of adorable fun.

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