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Tattoo artist Julien Martin of Great Huron Tattoos & Piercings added the final touches to an autism awareness tattoo during the day-long fundraiser for Autism Ontario Grey Bruce, April 3.

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There was fresh ink and big smiles at Great Huron Tattoos & Piercings as artists embarked on a tattoo fundraiser April 3 that coincided with a recent autism awareness campaign.

Organized by Nicole Bushell of Saugeen Shores, the event aimed to raise awareness as well as funds for Autism Ontario’s Grey Bruce chapter with walk-ins paying $50 for select artwork.

Travelling from Atwood, Ontario to get a tattoo in support of her 22 year old son, Chris, who is living with autism was April Martin who came with her tattoo buddy and sister Amanda Caldwell of Paisley. Martin has two other tattoos, both of which she got with her sister, and on April 3 chose to get a puzzle piece tattooed on her forearm. “It’s a puzzle piece for [Chris],” she said, explaining she interpreted the tattoo as a show of acceptance. “They fit in with everybody, autism is a puzzle on its own, they kind of fit all together with everybody else and the one I’m getting has four lobes to it, we have four in the family, and my son actually picked it out,” said Martin before getting her tattoo by artist Marc Pellan.

Along with many others, Martin came before the doors opened to get her tattoo and admitted that as a mother it’s awesome to see so much support. “For autism awareness to have a lot of people come out and do this and then have them donate so much to it,” she said. “The whole place is full... and it’s worth it.”

Three hours into the fundraiser tattoo artist Julien Martin said he had already done 23 tattoos. “I think we’re going to reach the 50 mark today, easily,” he said, adding that participating in the fundraiser was an easy ‘yes’.

The tattoo artist said that having the extra bodies in the shop made things a bit warmer but he was very happy to see all the smiling faces. “It’s a good cause so it was easy to become a part of it,” he said.

april martin

April Martin of Atwood, Ontario, travelled to the Port Elgin shop with her sister Amanda Caldwell of Paisley to get autism awareness tattoos in support of her son, Chris. Chris picked out the tattoo and artist Marc Pellan applied it, April 3.


April Martin's puzzle piece tattoo in support autism awareness.



One of many tattoos done in support of autism awarness April 3 at Great Huron Tattoos & Piercings.