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promation nuclearPromation Nuclear donated $2,500 towards the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation’s August, 2018 Gran Fondo event. The donation took place November 22 at Promation Nuclear’s downtown Port Elgin location. From left, Darryl Spector, Vice President and General Manager of Operations for Promation Nuclear; Anna Masarik, Manager of Proposals for Promation Nuclear; Jonna Ebel, Chair of the Gran Fondo Committee, Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation; Steve Evans, Manager, Design and Engineering and Strategic Operations for Promation Nuclear; Mike Ruysseveldt, Director, Business Development for Promation Nuclear; and Dan Pigeau, Project Manager for Promation Nuclear Services.

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The challenge has been made by staff members of Promation Nuclear as they called out other nuclear services in Saugeen Shores to ride with them in the upcoming Gran Fondo taking place August 19, 2018.

The staff at the downtown Port Elgin office donated $2,500 to the fundraiser which placed them at the Silver sponsorship level. Darryl Spector, Vice President and General Manager of Operations for Promation Nuclear said that it was an easy decision to sponsor the Gran Fondo. “We just moved to the area a few months support Bruce Power, and Promation’s culture has always been about localization, being involved in the community, and so forth,” said Spector, who added they will also have a team taking part in the event.

Spector also noted that the Gran Fondo was different than fundraisers that one would might typically doante to as it is more engaging and promotes active lifestyles, which Promation Nuclear is trying to promote as well.

Promation originated 20 years ago, stepping into the nuclear industry 10 years ago. Their head office is in Oakville with their primary focus being designing and building custom engineered tooling solutions to maintain nuclear reactors.