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A new physician will fill the vacancy in Southampton’s Saugeen Shores Medical Building next month. The Physician Recruitment Committee recently negotiated a 10 year agreement with Dr. Daniel Gusberti, who will practice family medicine full-time in the Southampton clinic, and will also act as an Emergency Room Physician at Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

During the Committee of a Whole meeting February 13, an information report to Saugeen Shores Council stated that the expansion of the Dr. Earl Medical Clinic in Port Elgin is now complete and there are now five doctors in the building, as Dr. Julie Gibb has started her practice.

The report indicated that the “orphan patient list” is shrinking and currently sits at 300 which Town CAO David Smith said is “not a finite number” as the number fluctuates as physicians come and go. Smith stated that not too long ago the orphan list reached over 2,000 people.

Those who are without a physician should contact Health Care Connect (HCC) as physicians will be accessing patients through HCC, a provincial program.