Natural Healing ThearapyWith products perfect for pampering Season Livingston (left), Nadia Bhyat and Melissa Allison from Natural Healing Therapies Wellness & Spa in Port Elgin showed runners special bath products that were paraban and sulphate free, that runners could use next time they soak in the tub.

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It was a hub of activity at the Southampton Coliseum following the Rotary Huron Shore Run, June 4, as the fourth annual Heath and Wellness Fair was in full swing. Athletes were fed, a few were pampered and some were awarded.

Rotary Huron Shore Run Chair, John Van Bastelaar said the Health and Wellness Fair looked excellent this year. “We have a full list of presenters and I see all the people are talking to them and having a great time with them and we have a symbiotic relationship between the two.” Van Bastelaar added, “We love to have this inaugurate with the vendors and with the racers and it makes for a great race and a great time after the race.”

Matthew Barfoot, Rotary Huron Shore Run member and runner who placed third in the 10k, announced the top fundraisers and top age category runners from the race at the Fair.

Geordie Farrell raised $2,500 in pledges and was also the top in her 60 plus age category for runners in the Half Marathon, completing her race in 01:57:38. Port Elgin’s Marlene McFarland, who competed in the 5k race, raised the most in pledge donations with an impressive $3,700.

Business and community groups also gathered donations with the Walker House in Southampton raising the most for the second year in a row with $6,105. Scotiabank in Port Elgin raised $2,920 and the Canadian Federation of University Women raised $700.

The Walker House also donated sandwiches and fruit salad to the athletes at the Health and Wellness Fair.

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HulaAfter participating in the PLAY Fun Run, Aleigha Eagelson (red) joined others for a hula at the Health and Wellness Fair, June 4 at the Southampton Coliseum.

Holly relaxAfter helping Run participants stretch and warm up before their races and completing a 5k run herself, Holly Vanderzwet got to relax as physiotherapist Lynn Roy from Physiotherapy ||| Ltd., worked out the kinks.

Giving memoryThe Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation was asking passers-by to write their first and their best memories of giving. Foundation volunteer, Sarah Clewett said her favourite memory of giving was giving birth.