Mary GrossMedium Mary Lynn Stevenson (left) read Mary Gross during her intuitive session at Gaia, in Southampton on May 1, as part of the Mind, Body and Soul Expo.

Hub Staff

A Saugeen Shores inaugural event, the Mind, Body and Soul Expo took place April 30 and May 1 and showcased many local businesses and practitioners that provided healing, wisdom, positive change and. for some attendees, a look into the future.

Co-Owner of Cora Computers and the Wise Owl Spiritual Centre, Lorie Hill was just one of many people who organized the Expo, and said that the group really wanted to do a weekend that helped the body, nurtured and supported the mind, and supported the spirit, “and it’s just kind of evolved from there,” said Hill.

BrandyWorking on body wellness, Reflexologist and PSW Brandy Palinsky of Saugeen Shores Heart & Sole, treated client Laura Van Berlo to a complimentary session at the Waterlily April 30, as part of the Mind, Body and Soul Expo that swept Saugeen Shores. Come June, Palinsky will practice on Mondays out of the Waterlily, in Port Elgin.

“We wanted to let people take away what they wanted from it, whether it be to get healthy with eating, or get healthy in their heart or healthy in their mind. or with their spiritual beliefs which is all part in parcel of it,” Hill said.

Co-Owner of The Waterlily Peaceful Aesthetics and Life Coach Angela Tolton, who taught a Vision Board Workshop during the Expo, said once the word of the Expo spread around to businesses with the theme of healing and wellness being the main focus, a lot of people wanted to get involved.

Of the two-day Expo, Hill said that some events with “light interest” were postponed until next year but the intuitive sessions with seven Psychics were “booked-out completely”.

Intuitive readings took place all over Saugeen Shores, from the Pea Pod and Gaia in Southampton, to the Waterlilly, Maple Square Mall and the Wise Owl Spiritual Centre in Port Elgin.

Hill believes that the people of Saugeen Shores are either open to spiritually or aware of it. “Not only is Saugeen Shores a transient town, it’s a very professional based town, so many people that are well educated and kind of ‘in the know’ are prone to talk about it more,” Hill said when asked why physics and wellness are held in high regard.

“I think it’s simply the overall mindset, and in this town for this reason or another, there’s a mindset of, ‘that’s okay, and we can talk about’, and in some other areas they don't feel like they can.”

AngieLife Coach Angela Toltan, asked participants in her Vision Board Workshop to display their goals in plain sight, at Cora Computers, May 1.

Angel ArtMary Lynn Stevenson, demonstrated the art of “Angel Art”, a form of intuitive messages from Angels and Spirits during her session at Gaia, in Southampton, May 1.

FrancesFrances Brown, a Reiki Energy Healer, Reiki Master and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher was on hand to sign her book “Fab New World” and lead a meditation class, during the Mind, Body and Soul Expo. Brown will begin a four-week meditation class at Wise Owl from May 5 to 26.