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DSCF7142 560Shannon (left), Heather and Sue rocked the GEM hats behind the counter at Southampton Foodland March 24.

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Saugeen Shores is home to approximately 50 “GEMS” and that number will likely grow after Southampton Foodland was host to GEM Day March 24, when Foodland employees and Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) members donned cosy ambassador apparel sweaters, sporty hats and wristbands to promote the GEM program.

A GEM is someone who makes a commitment to Give Every Month to help cover annual needs of new equipment as well as patient care at the Saugeen Memorial Hospital costing approximately $450,000.

Ambassador apparel is given to those who make a monthly contribution: $50 per month grants you a cosy sweater, $25 a month a ball cap and a $10 per month commitment awards a bracelet.

“It’s also very easy to give once a month as opposed to all of a sudden at the end of the year,” said SMHF Director Mary McCallum, who is a GEM herself. She said that by giving a little each month, she doesn't have to worry about seeing a big chunk of money missing from her bank account at the end of the year. McCallum said that money is currently going towards new beds, wheelchairs and cardiac equipment as well as special items that need to be replaced.

She added that it will be exciting when the new lab and ER open and “we see all this new equipment”.

Anyone interested in becoming a GEM can sign up online or by visiting any SMHF member at the hospital.

DSCF7137 560Keeping cosy in the GEM sweaters, from right; Mary McCallum and Sally Kidson of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation, Kyra and Jolyne of Southampton Foodland with owner Don Hart sporting the GEM hat at GEM Day at Southampton Foodland March 24.


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