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KindergartenClass560Northport Elementary School Kindergarten children ready to perform at Kingsway Arms at Elgin Lodge.

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Residents at Kingsway Arms at Elgin Lodge, Port Elgin were treated to a late Valentine’s Day concert as teaching partners Lisa Berndt and Kim Ferguson brought their Kindergarten class from Northport Elementary School to perform.

The children’s performance included song and dance, with five songs in total, much to the delight of the residents - some of whom were grandparents to the a few of the children - and parents who had come to watch the show.

“At Christmas time we normally do a show over here, just a little concert for them and then we try and get here in February,” said Northport teacher Lisa Berndt. “We try to get here as often as we can. It's a good connection for the community and for us.”

Berndt told the audience that her class had been practicing really hard and that Kindergarten is about learning how to make new friends and how to be kind to your friends. “We've been learning some songs to help us to remember how to treat friends with kindness,” she said.

The class’ repretoire included The Hello Song, which Berndt said was one of their morning songs, Spread a Little Sunshine, Valentine’s Day and two dinosaur songs that complimented recent classroom lessons, The Dinosaur Stomp and Dinosaur Boogie.

Elgin Lodge Activity Director Denise Smith said that the residents really enjoyed watching the children. “We have little theme shows throughout the year and we just do it with Kindergarten. Each year new kids start and get to come,” said Smith, adding that children had been coming each year for a number of years. “Then maybe Grade 8s will come and do a music concert once a year and then the high school band comes once a year. We have pretty good connections with the schools.”

Performing560The children performed five songs they had been practicing for residents, parents and grandparents who had come to watch the show.

Family560Three generations, left to right, Dale Kouhi, Kingsway Arms resident Carol Hunter, Denys Bautista and Dilianys Bautista.

Group560Northport teaching partners Kim Ferguson, left, and Lisa Berndt, right, with their Kindergarten class and Kingsway Arms residents Maurice and Irene Rainville and Doug Johnson.



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