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Major Connie Armstrong (left) with members of Iota Phi at the Salvation Army Community & Family Services among the hundreds of toys and games donated through their annual Toy Drive.

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Members of Iota Phi spent some time December 17 sorting the abundance of toys recently collected through their annual Toy and Book Drive for the Salvation Army.

The toys were being sorted at the Salvation Army Community and Family Services' new location, 614 Barnes Avenue in Port Elgin and were collected through donation boxes that had been scattered at various locations throughout Saugeen Shores including Walmart, Giant Tiger, Rowland's Independent, Lakeshore Recreation, Fitness Corner, Canadian Tire, Rexall in Southampton and Martin's Home Hardware.

Major Connie Armstrong of the Salvation Army Community & Family Services, said all of the toys were organized by age and gender. "The parents come in and they pick for their children and this year they had the opportunity of telling us what their kids' interests were so that we can be sure that there's something there that the kids are going to like," she said, adding that the toys will benefit a total of 154 children between the ages of 0 to 14 years.

Angela Hupalo, Iota Phi Toy Drive Leader, said they've been doing the Drive for the past 20 years and that other organizations and businesses contribute so the toys are "contributions of our whole community."

"Theres a mix of toys from the Iota Phi toy drive and other groups. In the end they all come here and that's the big picture," said Hupalo.


Games were among the donations collected throughout Saugeen Shores for the annual Iota Phi Toy Drive.


The abundance of toys will go to benefit 154 children between the ages of 0 to 14 years in Saugeen Shores.


The Iota Phi Toy Drive has been taking place for 20 years.


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