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With higher-than-normal waters and a questionable weather forecast, the 2019 River Run had fewer participants than in previous years but those who did show stayed true to tradition.

Hub Staff

The storm warnings May 18 may have scared off some River Run enthusiasts but those who did attend held true to tradition and arrived with well crafted vessels ready take on the fast flowing Saugeen River.

The more luxurious rafts were outfitted with sofa recliners, barbecues and patio umbrellas. Others displayed a simpler design with focus on stability rather than comfort.

Slick, muddy banks made for a challenging approach, but in the end, everyone managed a successful launch for this year’s May 2-4 expedition.


Front row, from left, Sam, Isaac, Chloe and Brady. Back row, from left, Jolina and Delaney. Shipmates of the sturdy built raft, “Margaret” kept things simple and practical for their journey down the Saugeen River May 18.


Friends Sam, Brandon, Justin and Ainsleigh had perhaps the most comfortable ride down down the Saugeen River May 18. Their raft was decked out with leather recliners and a full size barbecue on board.


This tropical themed vessel was constructed and sailed by, from left, Chad, Josh, Teaghan, Kale and Jess whose outfits suggested they planned to dock in Maui.


Aloha! Friends Chad, Josh, Teaghan, Kale and Jess gave us a wave as they set off on their tropical expedition down the Saugeen River.


This boating quartet opted for rubber dinghies for their excursion down the river, as part of the May 2-4 River Run tradition.


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