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Sarah Chaddock (left) and Josie Berry were two of the 20 SDSS students who took part in their Me2We club's We are Silent demonstration November 20.

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In a display of altruism and in solidarity with those who do not have a voice were students from Saugeen District Secondary School’s (SDSS) Me2We group as they participated in the We are Silent campaign November 20.

The campaign is designed to show support for those who go unheard with donations going to education efforts around the world. From the We are Silent page at we.org, "Education is the cornerstone of a sustainable community."

Around 20 students from SDSS's Me2We took part and raised money for the Malala Fund, an international, non-profit organization that fights for girls' right to education and was founded by Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.


Saugeen District Secondary School’s Me2We Club participated in a vow of silence, to stand with people who do not have a voice around the world November 20.


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