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canadaBrothers Jax and Jace were dressed as iconic Canadian figures during the pop-up Halloween Parade in downtown Port Elgin October 21.

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A pop-up Halloween Parade delighted the eager souls who couldn't wait to show off their halloween attire as over 60 children delightfully marched down Goderich Street in Port Elgin on October 21. The event planned was through social media and saw families meet at the Port Elgin Library before the walk, with the sounds of the Ghostbusters theme heading them on.

halloween paradeOver 60 kids, along with family members, met at the Port Elgin Library ahead of the pop-up Halloween Parade October 21.

moana fam supergirlOn the left, Moana, Chief Tui and Hei Hei, better known as the Lau family, at the Halloween Parade October 21. On the right, Supergirl Noelle Gallagher, age 6, was poised and ready to take part in the pop-up parade, and fight evil doers along the way.

olaf elsaLyla Kozak (Queen Elsa) kept younger sister Arden (Olaf) from melting before the pop-up Halloween Parade during the unseasonably warm day.

captain1 year-old Callaway used a stick instead of a shield as his weapon of choice.

paradeA hoard of costumed children embraced Halloween early and paraded down Goderich Street during the pop-up Halloween Parade October 21.

parade 2Organized through social media, over 60 children along with their families attended the pop-up event October 21.


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