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darleneandviExcitement was mounting in the lobby of Port Elgin Cinemas, April 21 as guests began to arrive for the Cham-bettes showing of the 1980 classic film, 9 to 5, in support of the Women’s House serving Bruce and Grey. Pictured are Cham-bettes, Darlene “Franklin” Welsh (left) and Vi “Doralee” Campbell.

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It was the fourth annual Girls Night Out - Movie Night for the Chantry Island Cham-bettes on Thursday, April 21, and this year they were showing the 1980 classic comedy, 9 to 5, starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Dabney Coleman.

In their usual style, the Cham-bettes encouraged attendees to come in costume to celebrate the film’s iconic characters and many of the Cham-bettes themselves, of course, joined in on the fun.

There were door prizes and costume prizes to be won. And the evening all went to a good cause, in support of the Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey (WHSBG) - fitting, as the film centers around three women, Judy Bernly, played by Fonda; Violet Newstead, played by Tomlin; and Doralee Rhodes, played by Parton, who together challenge the status quo in the workplace, and the sexist attitudes of their arrogant boss, Franklin, M. Hart Jr., played by Coleman.

Carol Ann D’Andrea, Past President of the Cham-bettes and Co-Chair of this year’s Movie Night, attended the event dressed as Snow White, carrying, of course, a yellow coffee cup, a living narrative of the film’s character Violet, who D'Andrea said, “fantasizes about killing her boss as Snow White and she fills his coffee cup with poison.”

Heather Joynt, a friend of the Cham-bettes, said the movie selection for this year was a good one. “[Movie nights] give us something that we can all have fun with, and some fun watching,” said Joynt, who was one of the lucky winners of a door prize later in the evening.

Many came dressed as Violets, Judys and of course a Franklin could be seen mingling about. But the favourite costume by far was Parton’s character, Doralee.

Before the movie got underway Karen Schroeder, Cham-bette President and Co-Chair for the April 21 event, welcomed everyone and offered a brief history of the Movie Nights. “We’ve done, I believe, Pillow Talk last year, we did Grease the year before that and we did Breakfast at Tiffany’s the first year,” said Schroeder, adding, “I’d also like to thank Tom at the Cinema... without his cooperation we certainly couldn’t do this.”

Schroeder said that as a result of last year’s event, the Cham-bettes were able to donate $950 in cash “plus gift cards” to WHSBG, as well as approximately $600 in shower gifts. “We filled a truck with shower gift items,” she said to enthusiastic applause.

“It is absolutely phenomenal because they think of all the needs,” said Tiffany Love, Community and Fund Development Coordinator with the Women’s House, who was in attendance at Thursday’s event. She added that the Movie Night has been “fantastic for physical donations.”

WHSBG is celebrating 30 years this year and in order to keep their doors open and their services free for their clients, Love said they need to raise $150,000 each year.

“[The Cham-bettes] try and encourage everyone to bring a shower gift and it is probably one of the best events for bringing in wonderful, wonderful things for the clients and for the shelter’s needs,” said Love, adding it’s “like Christmas” when she and other staff members start opening the gifts and deciding how to distribute them.

Prior to the movie rolling, Love addressed those in attendance and asked for a round of applause for the Cham-bettes. “They do such great work, not only in this event in supporting Women’s House but in the community year round.”

heatherandcarolannHeather “Judy” Joynt, friend of the Chantry Island Cham-bettes (left) and Past President and Co-Chair for the April 21 Movie Night, Carol Ann “Violet” D’Andrea mingled while guests arrived.

saharSahar “Doralee” Hassanien came as Parton’s iconic character from the 1980 classic film, the favourite costume of the evening.

sandyandkarenCham-bettes, Sandy “Doralee” Howcroft and Karen “Violet” Schroeder standing by the table of door and costume prizes at the Chantry Island Cham-bettes Girls Night Out - Movie Night, April 21 at the Port Elgin Cinemas.



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