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svca floodingThe recent warm weather has been melting the snowpack resulting in rising river and stream levels in the Saugeen Watershed.

In a recent press release from Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority's Flood Forecast Centre, water levels have been on the rise since Tuesday, March 8 but significant flooding is not expected. The forecast for the next few days includes double-digit daytime temperatures and above-average overnight temperatures. Rain forecasted is minimal.

Snow cover in open areas has disappeared but snowmelt continues to enter the river systems from forested and sheltered areas.

Flooding will occur in the traditional low lying flood plain areas but extensive flooding is not anticipated. Should more rainfall occur than predicted then that will add runoff to the system and an update to this flood message will be issued if warranted.

River ice has virtually all melted away and ice jam problems are not expected for most areas. For safety reasons the public is advised to stay well away from rivers and streams. River banks can be wet and slippery. In particular, with schools now on March Break parents are reminded to keep children away from local waterways.

While air temperatures may be well above normal, water temperatures are still just above freezing which can cause hypothermia and death in a few minutes. Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority will continue to monitor Watershed river flow and weather conditions.


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