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Saugeen District Secondary School’s (SDSS) Tech program received a gift from Mowbray’s Canadian Tire this past holiday season. From nuts and bolts to nails and washers, Mowbray’s Canadian Tire donated between $15,000 and $17,000 worth of unused construction products to the high school.

Construction Teacher Bud Halpin said the school’s construction program wouldn't be able to run as well as it does without the help from the Mowbray’s (Mike and Eleanor).

“Canadian Tire has always been a big supporter for us, whether it’s giving us discounts, or calling us up and telling us that there will be a sale on this or that... and of course this donation,” Halpin said during a photo opportunity March 10.

The Mowbray’s have also donated funds and equipment to the school’s Greenhouse program in the past and plan to do so again this spring.

Mike Mowbray added that from their standpoint they just want to help the funds go farther. “Our approach is to do whatever we can so that they (SDSS) can take the little bit of money that they get, and make it into something else. This is our whole approach from the garden centre to the shop classes,” said Mowbray.

Principal Melissa McEwen said that their contributions are a direct benefit to the students and it’s amazing. “Mike and Eleanor always put the students in our community first and they're always thinking outside the box...literally, on how they can help,” said the thankful principle March 10.


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