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It was a clear evening with warmer than normal temperatures for Santa as he made his way down Main Street in Southampton during the annual Santa Claus Parade on Friday.

Rotary Club members dressed as clowns and handed out candy canes to onlookers young and old who lined both sides of the street. The crowd's generous spirit was evident as Thorncrest Outfitter's Voyageur canoe was being filled with donations for the annual food drive.

The theme of this years parade was 'Dancing Through The Snow' and floats were adorned with wintry and festive scenes. The Cham-Bettes dressed as human sized snowflakes and danced in lines following a truck that read 'All Our Friends Are Flakes,' while Santa appeared to be driving around on Little's Furniture's motorized recliner.

Numerous and varied floats adorned with lights and decorations made their way past the waving crowds with participants in the parade sitting, walking, marching, dancing, singing, riding and even trying to get out a cage if you were the Grinch.

“Ho, ho, ho!” said Santa as he sat up high on his sleigh and waved to everyone. “Merry Christmas!”CrowdMartinsChambettesFrosty

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More photos from Friday night's parade in Southampton


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