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Five month old Kyleigh Buckton's heart surgery took place October 25 at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto and doctors are calling the young Saugeen Shores patient a rock star.

Grandmother Sue Buckton said that everything to do with Kyleigh's surgery and recovery was beyond their wildest expectations.

“They're calling her a rock star, they can't get over how well she's doing,” said Buckton in an interview October 26.

“The surgery was supposed to be between five and nine, 10 hours. And they were out after three and a half hours. And they said that they did all the repairs and they didn't have to do any replacement valves, which is huge. So we were shocked, the doctors were shocked, it was a very joyful day,” said the proud grandmother.

Kyleigh is now out of the intensive care unit and is in a ward being cared for by nurses. The family will soon have their own private room for Kyleigh's recovery.

“The doctors are giving her the gold star. They're like, ‘she’s the best patient,'" said Buckton.

Parents Brent and Kristy are ecstatic and many of Kyleigh's tubes have been removed already. Kyleigh is still unable to be held and still requires a feeding tube.

Sue Buckton said that the next step for Kyleigh is to start eating and using her bottle. She said future surgeries for the five month old are unknown.

“We won't know until they do more tests," said Buckton, who hopes it's a one and done deal, but knows there is no guarantee.

The family in Toronto and members still in Saugeen Shores want to thank everyone again for all the love they’ve been sending their way. “I'm telling you that it is working,” said Buckton.

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