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kara 560École Port Elgin Saugeen Central School student Cooper McCulloch was selected by draw to pie Principal Kara Bowles, October 7.

Megan Dunn, Saugeen Shores Hub

The gymnasium at École Port Elgin Saugeen Central School (ÉPESC) erupted into laughter and cheers, as three members of the faculty: music teacher Matthew Patterson, Vice Principal Kevin Wilson and Principal Kara Bowles, took a pie in the face from three students, October 7.

The students of ÉPESCS were challenged by staff to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation. If they raised $1,400, teacher Matthew Patterson would take a cream-filled pie to the face. Bowles and Wilson also got in on the challenge and if the school raised over $1,700 for Wilson and over $2,000 for Bowles, then they would also allow a pie to the face.

Following the school’s Terry Fox Run, September 29, ÉPESCS announced that the school raised approximately $2,200 for the Foundation.

One student from each of the Primary, Junior and Senior levels were chosen out of a hat to pie the three volunteers. In a serendipitous moment, music teacher Matthew Patterson’s daughter, Junior Kindergarten student, Ariel was blindly picked to throw a pie in her father’s face. “We taught her to be gentile, I think so, I hope that helped,” quipped Patterson as he wiped cream from his face.

Grade 7 student Brody Scott was then picked to pie Vice Principal Wilson who specifically dressed for the occasion and Cooper McCulloch piec Principal Bowles who admitted that she knew what she was getting into because she had been pie’d before.

The new principal said coming to a school like ÉPESCS has been great. “The community’s been fabulous, the kids are wonderful and we do wonderful things like this for a good cause, so it’s been great.”

Following the cream filled fun, the school’s ME to WE program announced that the school’s next Wildcat challenge will be “Halloween for Hunger”, where the ÉPESCS community will collect food items for the food bank.

kara pie 560The “pie-ing” ceremony was non-stop laughs for students and staff.

ariel 560Ariel Patterson was randomly selected to pie her father, music teacher Matthew Patterson in the face.

brody 560Grade 7 student Brody Scott made sure Vice Principal Kevin Wilson’s cream was evenly spread to all parts of his face. Wilson took the “pie-ing” in stride and even dressed for the occasion.

pie crew 560The ÉPESCS pie crew from left, Brody Scott, Vice-Principal Kevin Wilson, Cooper McCulloch, Principal Kara Bowles, and father daughter duo, Ariel and music teacher Matthew Patterson.

Teach clean 560Vice Principal Kevin Wilson (left), Principal Kara Bowles and teacher Matthew Patterson, challenged the students of ÉPESCS that if they raised over $2,000 during their Terry Fox fundraising that all three faculty members would receive a pie to the face in front of the entire school, October 7.


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