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marla prance 560Marla Allen, age 5, riding her favourite horse Woody at PRANCE March 15.

Hub Staff

March Break was a flurry of activity in Saugeen Shores, with children getting active and exploring new things at week-long camps. At the PRANCE (Pegasus Riding Association Nurturing Challenged Equestrians) March Break Camp, eight young riders ages 5 to 12 got the chance to learn about care, grooming and riding horses through educational classes with the help of instructors such as Amy Hodkinson and Jenn Sanderson as well as a bevy of volunteers.

One such camper, 5 year old Marla Allen, was just old enough to attend the camp with her older sister and said she was having a great time riding her horse Woody. She said she had learned how to walk with her horse and how to trot but had not learned how to canter “because I’m too little”. Allen added matter of factly, “We don’t want to kick sand in other peoples’ eyes.”

When the class was offered in the fall the eight spots filled almost immediately, as is the case with the summer camps which will take place in a few months. Operations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator Ann Veyvara-Divinski said that volunteer opportunities are always available.

oliver bailey brance 560March Break camper Oliver getting set up to ride Bailey at PRANCE.

sadie prance 560At camp Sadie Allen braided Sienna’s tail while volunteer Ann Marie Johnston looked on.

Paige prance 560Paige Blackmoore with a freshly groomed Beenie at PRANCE March 15.


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