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Luke Charbonneau lives in Saugeen Shores with his wife Alison and his three young sons, Benjamin, Theodore and Martin.

Luke, along with his parents Norm and Nora, is the owner of the local, fresh fruit and vegetable market Hi-Berry Farm.

In 2006, Luke was first elected to Saugeen Shores Council as a representative for Saugeen Township.

In 2010, Luke was elected Deputy Mayor and has served in that role since then. He has also served as Chair of the Saugeen Shores Police Services Board since early 2011.

Luke has been a member of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority since 2006. He has been on the executive committee there since 2011 and has been Chairman of the Authority since 2015.

Luke has made clear his intent to lead an active and proactive Council - one that is dedicated to seeking out local ideas, building local institutions and supporting local citizens. He has also stated that he is looking forward to leading a new team of outstanding councillors and working with them, along with municipal staff, toward making Saugeen Shores an even better place to live.

For more information on Luke Charbonneau’s agenda for the next four years visit www.lukecharbonneau.com.