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season neill mink lounge 560Mink Lounge owner Season Neill at new Beauty Lounge July 19 at 616 Goderich Street in Port Elgin.

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Mink Lounge in Port Elgin is now open and owner Season Neill is ready to pamper. “It’s a beauty lounge, not a bar,” joked Neill July 19 inside her newly renovated shop at 616 Goderich Street.

The lounge features three tanning rooms, two with ultraviolet rays and one for spray tanning, a room for facials, waxing, a make-up bar for demonstrations and wedding parties and a dedicated space for eyelash extensions using synthetic mink lashes, eyelash lifts and lash rehabilitation.

“It’s a beauty lounge, a place where you can indulge in yourself and indulge in the beauty industry and girly things that you might not get somewhere else,” said Neill, adding that Mink Lounge is different and new for Saugeen Shores. “Doing your nails is a maintenance, waxing is a maintenance, but when you really get into it, eyelashes and tanning, you’re indulging in yourself, you’re indulging in that moment... we’re going for a fun girly experience.”

Neill said walk in clients are welcome, however for certain facials and eyelash extensions, an appointment may be necessary. For patrons who are unsure of what eyelash look they desire, The Mink Lounge offers a testing area where they can choose from the synthetic mink lashes available.

“Synthetic Mink, I find that they are the best ones on the market, a more natural, less plastic, more of a matte kind of look,” said Neill who has been using My Brand Lashes for approximately a year and half, attending three training courses, and has become a brand ambassador.

Neill has over a decade of experience in spray tanning and five years experience as a make-up artist. More information on Mink Lounge can be found on their Facebook page. Mink Lounge is open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

eyelashes mink lounge 560The Mink Lounge is a newly renovated space that offers eyelash extensions, lifts and rehabilitation.

samples mink lounge 560Neill uses My Brand Lashes which are available in sample form to test which look fits the customer best.

make up bar mink lounge 560Mink Lounge has a room for makeup demonstrations as well as prom, bridal parties and special occasions.


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