DSCF2235 560Port Elgin’s Rabbit Dash has opened its doors to D.J. Scott Hnatiuk, who will be playing music every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.

Hub Staff

The perfect blend of coffee and beats can now be found Friday evenings at Rabbit Dash with its new resident D.J. Scott Hnatiuk in the house. The newly acclimated Saugeen Shores resident will be at Rabbit Dash between the hours of 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. with his 7-inch vinyls in the newly expanded portion of the coffee shop.

Hnatiuk said he has a “deep love” for old Soul music, which is his cornerstone, but will throw in some Jazz and Psychedelic tunes to round out the mix. He suggested coming in with an open mind and said that some may recognize songs which artists have sampled in mainstream music today.

Rabbit Dash recently grew in size and with that expansion came room to showcase brew items and sell new and used vinyl records. Of the record selection, Hnatiuk said that with a resurgence vinyl’s popularity Rabbit Dash is a good place to start.

DSCF2236 560D.J. Scott Hnatiuk with his selection of 7-inch vinyls, bringing Rabbit Dash goers a mix of Soul, Jazz and Psychadelic.

DSCF2240 560Rabbit Dash has procured a variety of records, new and previously loved, that are for sale in the expanded section.

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