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Farm to Table 5

A light rain that fell at the annual Farm to Table dinner September 7 at Hi-Berry Farm just north of Port Elgin didn't dampen the spirits of the 100 guests in attendance.

Hub Staff

Executive Chef Randy Felker returned for the fourth annual Farm to Table dinner at Hi-Berry Farm on Saturday, September 7, where 100 guests were treated to an elegant yet rustic affair filled with local foods. Proceeds from the evening will support the ball diamonds to be built at the much anticipated Lamont Sports Park. Felker, along with Sous-Chef Michael England, created a tantalizing meal which included a charcuterie board, appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert.

A shuttle service to and from the event aboard the S.S. Trolley allowed visitors to indulge in local wine and ales poured by Laura McInnes and Jeff Carver from the Wismer House. As the venue began to fill, friends and families mingled while enjoying a fully laden charcuterie board set out before the dinner began. The constant hum of elated chatter was accompanied by delightful tunes played by the Charlie Bell Quartet.


Dinner guests arrived to the fourth annual Farm to Table dinner on the S.S. Trolley as it ran pick ups from downtown Southampton and Port Elgin September 7.

Chef Team

The chef team from Saugeen Golf Club, from left, Brock Eby, Sous-Chef Michael England, Alex "Hitman Hart", Executive Chef Randy Felker.

Bell Quartet

Charlie Bell with his team of musicians kept the evening in full swing with sweet melodies that mingled among guests at the Farm to Table dinner September 7.

Table 2

The tables were set for a glorious meal prepared by Chef Randy Felker at the fourth annual Farm to Table dinner.

Table 4

Decor for the evening was arranged by Cathy Fenton of Cathy’s Flowers ’N Treasures in Port Elgin and proceeds will go in support of the Lamont Sports Park.



As a Farm to Table tradition, Executive Chef Randy Felker called up his wife, Melanie Marshall, and daughter, to carry out the amuse-bouche cheers to officially kick off the annual event.

Michael England

Sous-Chef Michael England picked from a tray of fresh sprouts to top the amuse-bouche platters at the Farm to Table dinner September 7.

Randy Felker 2

Executive Chef Randy Felker showed off his Farm To Table tattoo, one he shares with Sous-Chef Michael England. The tattoos were done by local tattoo artist Julien Martin who also filled the role of Sous-Chef at a previous Farm to Table event.

Laura McInnes 2

Laura McInnes from the Wismer House kept the beverages flowing at the Farm to Table dinner September 7.

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