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hoop dance

Senior students from St Joseph’s Ojibwe class performed a modern take on the traditional Hoop Dance at St Joseph’s Pow Wow June 22.

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To mark National Indigenous People’s Day the previous day, students of St Joseph’s School in Port Elgin took part in an afternoon Pow Wow June 22, complete with a feast, educational dances.

A creative Hoop Dance was choreographed by student Ireland Solomon and rehearsed for four weeks prior to being performed by senior students of St Joseph’s elective Ojibwe class. The class features 36 students including 16 junior aged students and 18 students from Grades 5 to 8 and is taught by Natalka Pucan.

During the feast portion of the Pow Wow students had the chance to polish the school’s Treaty belt which was created during the 2016-2017 school year, to remind students of their code of conduct, appreciation and behaviour, and to walk in a good way, as they head into the summer months.

Prior to the travelling Smoke Trail Drum and Dance Group teaching and engaging students in cultural traditions, recently retired Saugeen First Nation Education Director Gayle Mason-Stark was honoured with gifts and an Honour Dance with help from drummers from the school’s Men’s Drumming Group and Smoke Trail drummers.

treaty belt

While waiting in line for food, Aubrey, Catherine and Julie polished the school’s Treaty belt June 22.

gayle mason stark

Prior to her Honour Dance, recently retired Saugeen First Nation Education Director Gayle Mason-Stark (right) was honoured by St Joseph’s teacher and daughter Natalka Pucan (left) and Principal Keith Walsh June 22.

smoke trail drum dance

Bruce (left) and Dustin (right) of the travelling Smoke Trail Drum and Dance Group performed a Men’s Traditional Dance and Grass Dance at the June 22 Pow Wow at St Joseph’s School.

womens traditional

The Women’s Traditional Dance featured Smoke Trail dancers and a few enthusiastic St Joseph’s dancers.

jingle dress

The Jingle Dress Dance featured a wee Smoke Trail Dancer and St Joesph’s Jingle Dress dancers.

inter tribal

The entire student body got involved in the Intertribal Dance.

crow hop

Bruce Smoke of the Smoke Trail Drum and Dance Group led students in the Crow Hop.

hoop dance 2

The Hoop Dance was well received by students, parents, and educators in attendance at St Joseph's Pow Wow June 22.