Stanley Pot

Team Rocket won the Stanley Pot with their 6-2 win over the Romans during GC Huston’s eighth annual Stanley Pot Championship, April 20.

Hub Staff

A ball hockey season of skill and triumph came down to four teams getting the chance to play in front of the entire GC Huston Public School student body during the eighth annual Stanley Pot Championship April 20.

Playing on a closed road there were cheers and gears as top teams battled it out for a chance at the title.

The Exterminators took on the Soaring Hawks in the Grade 1-3 division, with the Soaring Hawks taking the Pot with a final score of 2-0.

Team Rocket, who had only lost two games during regular season play, took on the comeback kids, the Romans, who had gone from second last to the top spot over the course of the season in the Grades 4-8 division. In the end Team Rocket took the game with a 6-2 win over the Romans.

The Huston Hawks wore the favourite jersey for the day of hockey spirit and participated in a moment of silence before the first game and O’ Canada to pay their respects to the Humboldt Broncos.

Soaring Hawks

The Soaring Hawks were the champions of the Grades 1-3 division during GC Huston’s eighth annual Stanley Pot Championship, April 20.


Rocket players showed their handmade signs ahead of their championship game on the closed street in front of GC Huston Public School, April 20.

dog spectator

Parents, students, and even a few puppies came to watch the Stanley Pot action at GC Huston, April 20.


The Exterminators took some time to warm up their goalie before the game.

game 1

The Soaring Hawks (yellow) took on the Exterminators (red) during their championship game for the Grade 1-3 division, April 20.

game 1 2

The Soaring Hawks (yellow) won the championship 2-0 against the Exterminators (red).

game 2 Charlie

Charlie Bennett (orange hat) was a force to be reckoned with during the championship game in front of GC Huston Public School in Southampton.

game 2 1

A breakaway for the Romans during the Stanley Pot championship game April 20 at GC Huston.