Emily560With rider, Emily Cruchly, Cwemfellen Cover Boy jumps over a course obstacle at Parkeridge Stable in Port Elgin.

Hub Staff

It was show time at Parkeridge Stable in Port Elgin on June 10 as riders gathered with their horses and ponies to compete in a variety of equestrian events in the Shoreline Schooling Series.

Leigh Parker, owner of Parkeridge Stables explained that the series, in partnership with Hollow Hills Equestrian in Hepworth, involves a total of four shows, two in Port Elgin and two in Hepworth, in which contestants were judged on their riding skills and awarded prizes.

“We're actually having a year end banquet this year so they're accumulating points at each show where there will be some highest points awards,” she said.

Hollow Hills Equestrian owner Tanya Barfoot said that the event was open to anyone. “We just did one show each last year just to kind of feel it out,” she said. “This year we've added a couple more shows and we have more folks, so it’s kind of nice.”

The day saw a total of 23 classes in seven divisions with riders from as young as 3 years of age competing.

Judge Stephanie Hodge said that she was looking for a variety of different criteria, depending on the class, including how responsive the horse was to the rider. “The overall picture of the horse and rider as a combination,” she explained.

Parker said that they were hoping to grow the series and ultimately attract more people. “It's definitely growing from what it was before,” she said.

The next event in the series will be at Parkeridge Stable July 29, with the final show taking place at Hollow Hills Equestrian August 26.

Kids560With a little help, the youngest contestants in the Shoreline Schooling Series showed off some of their horse riding skills. On the left, Judge Stephanie Hodge watches Riley Harris perform on Spicy. On the right, 4 year old Katie Parker takes Peanut from a walk to a trot, lead by Jo Penner.

Regan560Fifteen year old Regan Gill competes in the Shoreline Schooling Series with horse Rising Glory at Parkeridge Stable June 10.

Morgan560Morgan Briggs riding Victoria IV competes in one of the day’s classes June 10.

Jen560Jen Prenger guides Silver Pizazz up and over one of several course obstacles as they compete in of the day’s classes.

Ribbons560Ribbons were awarded throughout the day to riders who competed in each of the different classes.