geordie 560Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club rookie Geordie Farrell set a new Canadian record in the 200m Obstacle Swim as well as a World record in the 100m Tow with Fins in her age group at the Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships in Markham June 3 and 4.

Submitted by Michael Hundt

The Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC) travelled to the 2017 Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships on June 3 and 4 in Markham at the Pan Am Centre.

In a June 5 release, SSLC Masters came well prepared and set many new personal best times in their individual events and as well as won medals in their relays.

All Master athletes are coming home with one or more gold medal.

Gold medal highlights are Ken Jacobi and Steve Parsons won gold in the 40 – 49 Male Line Throw; Kevin Larson and Norm Stoner won Gold in the 50 – 59 Male Line Throw; Heather Parsons, Sarah Ingleton, Cathy McNeill and Geordie Farrell won gold in the 4 x 50m Obstacle swim; Cathy McNeill won gold in the 100m Tow with Fins and 50 Manikin Carry in her age category; Sarah Ingleton won gold in her 200m Obstacle Swim, 100m Tow with Fins, 100m Carry with Fins, 50m Carry and 200m Super Lifesaver.

The highlight of the weekend was the rookie of the team, Geordie Farrell setting a new Canadian record in the 200m Obstacle Swim and set a world record in the 100m Tow with Fins in her age group.

The Senior athletes, although small in number, were not going to be outdone by the Master athletes. Mackenzie Salmon raced extremely well in the preliminaries setting the last times of the morning. Unfortunately with prior commitments in the afternoon he was not able to swim in the finals but many of his morning times were not beat by any athlete in the afternoon swimming finals.

Katie Stoner, the lone 16 to 19 year old athlete of SSLC, swam extremely well in the preliminaries to get into the finals in the afternoon for all her events. She placed 11th in Rescue Medley, 16th in 100m Tow with Fins, 11th in 100m Carry with Fins, 11th in 200m Super Lifesaver and 15th in 50m Manikin Carry.

Caitlin and Danielle Sullivan were a force to be reckoned in the Open age category. In 200m Obstacle Caitlin placed 12th and Danielle placed 7th. In Rescue Medley Caitlin placed 5th and Danielle won silver. In 100m Tow with Fins Caitlin placed 10th and Danielle placed 8th. In 100m Carry with Fins Caitlin placed 8th and Danielle placed 10th. In 200m Super Lifesaver Caitlin placed 5th and Danielle won silver. In 50m Manikin Carry Caitlin placed 10th and Danielle won bronze. Danielle was able to accumulate enough points to win the silver medal in the Open Women’s Pentathlon event.

From the release, “Great job to all SSLC athletes, coaching staff are now changing gears and preparing SSLC junior athletes for their Provincial Pool Championship that will be taking place in Oakville on June 17 and 18.

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