Jumpstart 560Volunteers at Mowbray’s Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Day May 27 helped to successfully raise $7,266 that will go towards financially assisted local youth participate in sports.

Hub Staff

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors and learn the rules of the road, while fundraising for youth sports at Mowbray’s Canadian Tire Jumpstart event May 27.

The annual event succeeded in raising $7,266, up from the 2016 total of $4,776, to financially support local children participating in sports. The local Jumpstart chapter supported by Mowbray’s assisted 108 children, totalling $21,000 in funding in 2016; with 74 children helped so far in 2017 with a climbing funding total of $21,000.

Eleanor Mowbray said that their Canadian Tire store has been fundraising for Jumpstart since 2006 and that over the years they’ve grown to assist children in North Bruce as well. “You want the kids to play and stay active and healthy,” said Mowbray who went to on to say that social groups such as Brownies and Scouts fall under the Jumpstart program.

The Jumpstart event was filled to the brim with kids and their families participating in the Bike Rodeo, tune-ups from Martin’s Bicycle Shop, a fundraising barbecue, face painting from the Liv-A-Little Foundation and demonstrations from Port Elgin’s Canadian Martial Arts Centre.

To concide with the Jumpstart event, the Town of Saugeen Shores held a mini Bicycle Rodeo in the Canadian Tire parking lot, where Saugeen Shores Police Constable Ian Clark and volunteers helped children learn the rules of the road from a cycling standpoint.

Town of Saugeen Shores Recreation Supervisor Lisa Billings was happy with the turnout and said the activity was a good fit with Canadian Tire. Billings added that Saugeen Shores is looking to become a cycle friendly community. “It’s exciting because it means that people are here to educate themselves about bike safety and feeling more comfortable riding their bikes in Saugeen Shores.” Billings went on to say that children learned about road safety and rules, hand singles, and traffic rules.

Every child who participated in the rodeo received a certificate and prize donated by Mowbray’s Canadian Tire. To help with the day;s proceeds a donation of $1,000 was made from Matt Mulholland of KNK Lawn Care and his family, while $500 was donated for the St. John’s Anglican Women’s group.

madelyn 560Seven year-old Madelyn Nowack was doing a fine job on the Bicycle Rodeo circuit under the watchful eye of Saugeen Shores Police Constable Ian Clark. Nowack managed to keep her balance when she kicked over a rouge bowling pin.

certificate 560With a painted face, cyclist Janey was proud to show off her certificate after she completed the Saugeen Shores Bike Rodeo at Mowbray’s Canadian Tire Jumpstart Day May 27.

Ariya 560Slow and steady was Ariya Clark’s motto.

Louis 560Yellow belt Louis John, age 5, broke through a plank of wood at Mowbray’s Canadian Tire Jumpstart Day with help from Sensei Stacy Kramer.

Karate 560Members of the Candian Martial Arts Centre in Port Elgin gave a demonstration at Mowbray’s Canadian Tire Jumpstart Day May 27.