K Gr3 560Kindergarten to Grade 3 students showed how fast they could run in the spirit of Terry Fox and in support of cancer research during St Joseph’s Public School’s annual Terry Fox Run October 6.

Raina Watson
Co-op Student

St Joseph's Public School held their annual Terry Fox run October 6, following Mrs Wilkinson's Grade 7 class sharing the story of a young man named Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope on the morning announcements for a week. Terry, the class explained, had been determined to raise awareness about cancer and do his best to find a cure.

The same Grade 7 students opened the school’s assembly prior to the Terry Fox Run getting underway. Students in Grade 3 showed their support by running or walking around the school’s track alongside staff and teachers, while the other grades ran around the school’s perimeter.

The total raised has yet to be determined but all students gave it their all while showing their support for cancer research and running in the spirit of Terry Fox. It was a great time, all while keeping Terry’s dream alive. It’s schools like this that continue to spread this message of kindness and awareness.

AssemblySt Joseph’s School students attended the assembly while some of their classmates helped by sharing the story of Terry Fox before their annual Terry Fox Run October 6.

Gr7Mrs Wilkinson's Grade 7 class talked about the Marathon of Hope on the morning announcements in the week leading up to the annual run as well as at the school’s assembly October 6.

Lucy MackenzieStudents Lucy D'Atri (left) and Mackenzie Ritchie took a moment to strike a post as they ran around St Joseph’s School for the annual Terry Fox October 6.

Inside TrackThe inside track at St Joseph’s School, where students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 took part in the school’s Terry Fox Run October 6.

Final LapStudents made their final lap around the school after a great run October 6.


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