BFB560From left, Kari Baker, Amy Gregorio and Tammy Gregorio, collecting empties and donations for Bottles for Boobies at the Port Elgin Beer Store, June 25.

Hub Staff

Bottles for Boobies asked for the community's empties in support of Kelly Shires Snow Run, and the community stepped up.

“We've taken probably six loads [into the store] already,” said Kari Baker before noon at a collection location they had set up adjacent to the Beer Store entrance in Port Elgin, June 25.

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Baker said she and fellow organizer, Amy Gregorio, arrived at 9:30 and people started arriving with their empties before they were fully set up.

All told the group raised $950 between cash donations and empties. “We had a fantastic day with some awesome support from an amazing community,” said Gregorio June 25, adding that the staff at the Beer Store was “awesome”.

Congratulations to Joanne Poole who won a draw for a $50 LCBO gift card.


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