auxiliary 560Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation Past-Chair Jonna Ebel (right) accepts $20,000 from the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Auxiliary President Ann Veyvara-Divinski September 26 during the Auxiliary meeting at the Rotary Hall in Southampton. The donation is part of the Auxiliary’s Capital Campaign Pledge for 2017.

Hub Staff

From golf tournaments to teas to the annual Christmas Bazar the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Auxiliary members have worked hard to maintain a promise to meet their pledge of $100,000 towards the Saugeen Memorial Hospital reconstruction.

The auxiliary donated another $20,000 to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation on September 26. The 2017 amount brings the to-date total to $80,000.

“Our members have worked really hard to make sure we meet at least the $20,000 pledge that we offer for the Foundation,” said Auxiliary President Ann Veyvara-Divinski.

The Auxiliary members plan to reach $20,000 again in 2018 through various fundraising events including the upcoming Christmas Bazaar that will take place in November.